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Category: At The Track 2015

  1. Gary’s Picnic 2015

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    Gary’s Picnic in May saw us back at Shakey for another great Nostalgic event.

    With the weather not great on the Saturday, the 1st run of the day was at nearly 4.00pm.

    A good strong burn out had the tyres smoking like a steam train, great launch, looking like a good run until just past mid track. With lots of smoke surrounding the car, things were not looking good, unable to see past the finish line and the marshal’s refusing to let us drive the tow car down, it was the case of a (quick) sprint to see what was happening. (Not knocking the marshal’s for just doing their job), but when it’s your nearest and dearest possibly on fire, the last thing you want to be told is you can’t go and see what’s happening. Fortunately, it was an issue with the breather pipes and all the smoke was caused by oil coming out of them. Apart from the driver being covered in oil all was well.

  2. Season Opener 2015

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    With the car all ready to roll, middle of April and we’re at Shakey for the Season Opener, unfortunately the elves had been out to play, and the Saturday saw us with a leak to the gear box and no way of fixing it at the track. However, the weekend wasn’t an entire disaster as Jenni Long (Yawning Cat Photography) had a new pixel stick she wanted to play with and asked us if we would be up for a photoshoot on the track at the end of Saturday’s Racing, how could we resist such an offer,3 hours later and some fantastic photographs taken, we had just as much fun as if we had been racing.

    A massive thank you to Jenni, and to Tony Smith for organising it and taking a few shots of his own.

    Full shoot can be viewd in gallery.