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  Black Pig Too 2014


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Slinghot built in 2014 for our own use. Built in chrome moly, and tagged to 6.00, with the exception of large item chroming (front axle, steering linkage) all work including ally body panels and paint has been carried out "in house". Detailed photographs can be found in Gallery under Black Pig Too 2014.




   Black Pig     

    bp                 Pony

Pony Express Altered acquired in 2004 as a rolling chassis with body. Work included engine and transmission install, fuel tank and exhaust fabrication, engine build, new roof section with moulded in hatch and fresh paint throughout. Renamed Black Pig.    


Black Pig Too 2009

    6639921       6639889        6639895        blackpig too (640x452) - copy

 Slingshot built in 2009, for our own  use. Built in mild steel and tagged to 8.50 all work including 'glass moulding and paint was done “ in house”. We spent 3 years racing this at both Avon Park and Santa Pod. Sold at the end of 2012, now called Ellie's in Trouble Now. Detailed photographs in Gallery under Black Pig Too 2009.



Cunning Coupe

 DSCF0015 (800x600)     250576_10151288269193413_690977405_n[1]

Competition Coupe built in 2010 to Customers specification. All in mild steel and tagged to 7.50. Body and finishes are by Customer. The car runs a pair of FieldCraft fabricated wire spoked wheels. detailed photographs in Gallery under Cunning Coupe.



Fleeting Glimpse                  


          6579852           6626896          6581540

 The car arrived as a complete but older build. We stripped the front end, blasted it, repainted and refitted it, taking the opportunity to change the alignment slightly adding another 2 degrees KPI and remaking the control links. The body was delivered “raw” and we re-profiled it in several areas, built a tubular sub frame, bonded it in and mounted it to the chassis. We cut a roof access and bonded a further tubular frame around it. A fire wall was made and bonded in along with several aluminium trims and a parachute mount. The car was rewired as needed and a new exhaust built before the car was sent for paint.



 7004347        7004266       7004380

This little rascal started with the purchase of a 1960 Nash Metropolitan shell. Envisioned as a joint project with Scot of Tiki Munki and Moving Hot Rods fame, it progressed until lack of time and storage space forced us to move it on to a new home. A complete new chassis was constructed from 3x2 RHS with tapering sections front and rear and outriggers in 2x2, all to comply with the thencurrent Gasser Circus rules. Engine is a Rover V8 mated to a GM Powerglide auto transmission, this in turn feeding a modified and narrowed Sherpa axle. Rear suspension is by coil springs, tubular shocks and ladder bars and a panhard rod for lateral location. The front end is set up using a Ford Pop beam on aftermarket spring with wishbone locators and tubular shocks. Steering is through a Reliant box with appropriate fabricated links. We progressed to the stage of body mounting before offering it for sale. Detailed photographs in gallery under Gasser