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    The Team


                     Steve Field - Driver/Co-Owner                                              

    Steve Steve's love of drag racing started back in   the 70’s with many happy memories at       Blackbushe.

     In 2003 he was given the old Thunderbird     chassis and with the choice of  spending   hours at home alone or joining him in the   workshop, Lesley became involved and   developed a passion for engine building.

      After many long winter nights, we were   ready for the 2004 season in which we   debuted the car as The Black Pig with the ex   Pony Express 1933 Plymouth body.

     With his eye for detail, passion for building   and thrill of being on the track, it was only a   matter of time before the Altered  had served   its purpose and it was time to retire it and   build our own.


                                                                                                     Lesley Field - Co-Owner/ Crew Chief


     2009 saw the launch of the 1st Slingshot with  all works being done "in-house" and appropriately  named Black Pig Too. This lasted 4 years before Steve decided the next one would be better.

    Winter of  2013 and the drawing board was back out, with the launch of the 2nd slingshot Black Pig Too making its debut in 2014.           

    Lesley is in charge of organising the race entries, food, beer, cooking and making sure we all know when we are racing. Her #1 priority is making sure Steve is safely strapped in, closely followed by making sure the engine is good to go.


     Chris Head - #1 Crew/Sounding Board                                                                                                                                                                 

    Chris  Chris joined the team in 2014 following his 1st    trip to the track at a R.W.Y.B event. He asked      if he could crew for the weekend to get a feel      for drag racing as this was new territory to   him. 8 Years later he has become an invaluable   member of the team and a very good friend.         

     A sounding board to both Steve when things are   not quite right with the car and to Lesley   whenever she needs someone to rant and rave   at. An all round ace guy who helps make it happen.                                                               








                                                                                           Nicole Head - Tow Car/Social Media Guru


    Nicole was originaly the back up girl for Scott and Gina with the Tikki Munki Comp Coupe.

    With the passing of Scott and after being chased mercilessly by Chris, Nicole joined the team in 2018.

    Whatever needs doing Nicole is there at the ready, from towing 3 race cars, generaly helping with the car, picking up emergency supplies or  doing her social media bit, nothing is too much trouble. She has become an integral part of the team.







    June 2022 saw this lovely couple finally tying the knot, with both Steve and Lesley taking an active role in their wedding, it's fair to say we are more than a Drag Race Team, we are a family.                            

    The Team 2




  2. So, what did we achieve?

    Finished 13th in the Wild Bunch Series, 9th in Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge, 7th in Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series, 9th in the APIRA Series, 7th in Springbridge MSA Points Challenge. Won a spot prize for Best Appearing Team and another one for Best Appearing Car. Won Roy Wilding Best Turned Out Award at the end of the year presentation. Ran several 8’s and many 150+mph on a single carb, supermarket petrol and iron block.

    We now have a beautiful race car with 2 very different paint schemes and 2 sets of team wear. 

    How was this all possible? It wouldn’t have been without 2 brilliant drivers Sarah Howells and Steve Field, our excellent crew man Chris Head and of course the continued support of Darryl Howells.

     Check out the full seasons photographs in the gallery.