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Black Pig Too 2014 Spec

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 Styled after the classic front engine cars of the 60’s this, the latest in a line of Black Pig cars, is a new build from the workshops of FieldCraft Fabrication . The car is campaigned within Europe’s premier nostalgia drag racing class The Wild Bunch.


The chassis, designed and built at FCF, is entirely of chromolly tube with all attendant brackets etc being of the same material, this allows the car to weigh just 1185 lbs race ready. Built to the latest SFI specs the car is inspected and tagged as being legal to run 6 second passes.

Following tradition the car runs 17” x 2 ½” wire spoked front wheels with 33” x 10 ½” racing slicks at the rear.

The rear axle is a hugely modified 9” Ford item with the differential being replaced by a spool, effectively locking both drive axles together.

The transmission is an aftermarket version of a General Motors 2 speed Powerglide, built specifically for drag racing it is converted to a manually selected automatic. It is also fitted with a transbrake, a device that allows both low and reverse gears to be activated at the same time thus holding the car stationary on the start line until the green light when reverse is de-selected to launch the vehicle.

The steering utilises a light weight steering box originally fitted to Standard 8 and 10 cars of the 50’s  and is connected by drag links to the front wheels .

The engine is nominally a Chevrolet Small Block of 383 cubic inch capacity, some 6.3 litres. This particular example is built around an aftermarket high nickel replica block, fitted with a forged crankshaft, forged H beam con rods and forged custom pistons with gapless rings. The camshaft is a custom grind with roller lifters, custom heavy duty push rods and roller rockers. The heads are aftermarket AFR aluminium items heavily worked to achieve maximum flow with 2.1” inlet valves and 1.6” exhaust. The carburettor is a Holley 950 cfm race item and the ignition is a multiple spark discharge unit with 2 stage rev limiter attached.       

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