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Test and Tune 3rd May 2014

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So after the disaster at the Festival of Power, it was back home to lick our wounds and start again.

On inspection it looked as though all the damage was sustained to the front half of the chassis.

This was duly cut 6" from the front of the fire wall and promptly  binned it in disgust. New tube was then welded up and there you have it, just like it never happened. (If  only it was that simple).  Everything in front of, and including, the motorplate was damaged other than the tyres, hubs and one rim. A visit to Andy Robinson Racecars and more tube was purchased for the  chassis, front axle and torsion bar, new rim, flexplate and 7075 motorplate  stock ordered. By now the clock seems to be ticking faster, as the theory was to be back at the race track to test and tune again in just over a week. (We love a challenge).

New rim spoked, motorplate and flex plate replaced, front half remade, welded and repainted, new front axle and torsion bar made and fitted but not chromed and off we went for another go.


We arrived at Santa Pod early Saturday morning, set up camp, had some coffee and then some more coffee, fired the car up and had a slow drive around the pits for a final check over. What next? more coffee and a pep talk consisting of lets take it nice and steady, small burn out and a slow run down the track to see how it feels. Unable to put it off any longer the car was hitched up to the tow car and off we went. 

The 1st run saw a conservative 11.41 ET @ 123.44 MPH, not to bad, we had got from one end of the track to the other with no mishaps. More coffee while the engine cooled down and off we went again.

The 2nd run saw a 12.30 ET @ 89.98 MPH and a 3rd run of 12.39 ET @ 119.17 MPH, inconsistent to say the least.

This wasn't a worry to us as we've never been consistent and with the track now closed, that was us done for the day. With more testing planned for Sunday, we opened the beer and chilled out for the evening. 

Sunday morning saw us up early and raring to go.

We fired up to get some heat in the engine and tyres and then shut down, over night the gremlins had paid us a little visit, in the form of the shaft moving in the gear box and damaging the oil seal. Feeling somewhat deflated at being unable to resolve it at the track, we packed up and with 3 weeks until the next meet we headed over to Shaky to watch the rest of the Wild Bunch in action.

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