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Nostalgia Nationals 2015

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A month after Gary’s Picnic and we’re back at Shakey for the Nostalgia Nationals.

Saturday morning saw it raining again but by lunch time the track was dry and we’re ready to race.

1st run of the day saw Steve running a 9.25 @148.01 mph, very close to the 150 he is looking for.

Mid afternoon and we are back out for the 2nd run of the day, unfortunately during this run the wheel on the wheelie bar broke in half so that was us for the weekend. The plus side was a bit quicker of the line and an unbelievable run of 8.87 @148.44mph.

The goal has always been to run an 8 @150mph, with a single carb, supermarket petrol and an iron block. Way to go Mr Field, it doesn’t get any closer than that or does it?


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