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Summer Nationals 2015

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A week later and we’re at Santa Pod for the Summer Nationals.

With the car sporting its Purple Livery, Sarah is in the hot seat.

Friday was a peak performance day and with 4 runs achieved all in the low 9’s and high 140’s it looked as though Saturday would be a good day.

1st run of the day and a dial in of 9.31 we’re hoping for a good run. Sarah didn’t disappoint with a 9.15 @148mph this is looking like a good meet. 2nd run saw the dial in being lowered to 9.10, unfortunately? She ran an 8.99 @149.57, looks like this is shaping up to be a good meet. With the decision to alter the dial in again to 8.98, we’re back out for the 3rd run. With a good strong burn out and she’s off, with an unbelievable 8.93 @152.08mph way to go Sarah. Steve’s dream has become a reality, into the 8’s@150+mph, on a single carb, supermarket petrol and iron block. Did we celebrate? You bet we did. Race day Sunday and the heavens had opened overnight, a very wet day resulted in the 1st run not being until 5.30pm, with a dial in of 8.99 and a run of 9.24 saw Sarah finishing in 4th place. A spot prize for Best Appearing Car and new PB’s of dipping into the 8’s and 150mph (Congratulations Sarah), all up a brilliant weekend.

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