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Dragstalgia 2015

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Mid July and we are at Santa Pod, which for us has becoming the biggest event of the season. With Steve back in the hot seat and looking for the same numbers we are back with the Mondrian scheme. With the track being open from Friday lunchtime until late evening, it’s a good opportunity to get some extra runs in. 3 runs over the next few hours saw a consistency of mid 9’s @143mph followed by a final run at 7.30pm 10.97 at which point we called it a day. Saturday morning and we’re ready to go, 1st run produced a 9.18 @149.14mph (so close to the 150). 2nd run 9.17 @151.06mph backed up by a 3rd run of 9.18 @152.07mph. To say we were over the moon is an understatement. Mr Field had reached his own personnel achievement running an 8 and at 150mph albeit not both on the same run. Some fantastic numbers run, great atmosphere and brilliant friends, what more can you ask for?

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