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European Finals 2015

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The following weekend saw us back at Santa Pod for another MSA meet, with the car running well we decided to enter Super Comp which is an 8.90 index run over 3 days.

Unfortunately, we learnt the previous weekend that there is a rule within the class that doesn’t allow open headers, finding out a few days before the event left us a bit panicky and with no time to make a set, it was a case of beg, steel or borrow from however we could.

1st run of the day and we managed a red light, next 2 runs were both low 9’s but 153.68mph, 4th run of the day 9.50 @ 147.72mph, after sitting in the pairing lanes for over an hour, all the heat had gone from the engine. Saturday and 1st round of qualifying didn’t take place until 2.30pm, again we spent over an hour in the pairing lanes although we did fire the engine up to get some heat back into it. Sarah did a good strong burn out but was unable to locate reverse, so the run was aborted. The next 2 qualifiers were both low 9’s @155mph, this resulted in us qualifying 17th out of 19. Sunday and the 1st round of eliminations took place at 3.30pm, unfortunately a 9.171 @155mph saw us being nocked out in the 1st round. Were we disappointed? Yes and no, we had a blast, it was a wonderful experience to run in a different class.


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