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Results and Summary of 2015

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So, what did we achieve?

Finished 13th in the Wild Bunch Series, 9th in Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge, 7th in Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series, 9th in the APIRA Series, 7th in Springbridge MSA Points Challenge. Won a spot prize for Best Appearing Team and another one for Best Appearing Car. Won Roy Wilding Best Turned Out Award at the end of the year presentation. Ran several 8’s and many 150+mph on a single carb, supermarket petrol and iron block.

We now have a beautiful race car with 2 very different paint schemes and 2 sets of team wear. 

How was this all possible? It wouldn’t have been without 2 brilliant drivers Sarah Howells and Steve Field, our excellent crew man Chris Head and of course the continued support of Darryl Howells.

 Check out the full seasons photographs in the gallery.

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